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Conversation Hearts

What Says "Be Mine" Better than Valentine Conversation Hearts?Conversation hearts are one of the sweetest childhood memories of Valentine's Day, and Metro Candy has these classic candies available in bulk. We have melt-in-your-mouth conversation hearts from Necco, Motto Hearts from Necco and even luscious chocolate foil-wrapped candy hearts from Palmer. Conversation Hearts Speak For You!Whether you hand out these Valentine conversation hearts to your friends, family, customers, students or associates, everyone will enjoy the cute sentiments and classic taste. Available in bright pastel colors, in large and small sizes and with a full-range of loving phrases such as "Be Mine" and "Luv U," you are certain to enjoy these Valentine hearts long after February 14th.

Metro Candy's entire selection of conversation heart candy is listed below. \If you have any questions about our Valentine heart selections, visit our FAQ section or contact us for more information. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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